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Marking Misconceptions in the Insurance Industry

Debunking Common, Misleading Marketing Promises or Guarantees

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I can’t tell you how many agents over the years have said, “I’ve been burned by that before” or “Well, this other company promises…” One reason I started Tosten Marketing was because I disliked seeing agents get taken advantage of because the complexity of the web was too much for them to manage. Five and […]

Is a Microsite Right for your Insurance Agency?

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A microsite may benefit your agency by targeting a specific product or niche market. If your agency writes many insurance products but you have a great niche, you may want to consider a microsite. Microsites are small, very specific websites (separate from your main website) with a collection of pages dedicated to only one product. […]

Retention Secrets for Your Insurance Business

Creating Lasting Customer Relationships

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I recently had a customer service experience that was so extraordinary that I felt compelled to leave reviews online and now, write about my experience. This experience at Men’s Wearhouse left me thinking about earning customer’s for life. Not one-timers, but companies that earn my business even if their prices may be higher. I can […]

Every Business Logo Should Have Meaning

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I can admit it: We’ve had a bit of a personality conflict internally about what our logo should represent. I’ve always told clients that their logo should be able to speak for itself, but this is something we ourselves have struggled to portray. So, let me give you a little background about where this all […]

Insurance Agency SSL

Top Reasons to have a SSL Certificate for your Insurance Agency Website

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SSL certificates can earn your insurance agency new business. We’ve outlined the top reasons to consider one for your agency. Security! SSL certificates provide security to your website by verifying that the website a visitor is visiting is actually the one on the server. Some think that only sites that contain sensitive information benefit from […]

Utilization of your Marketing Budget in 2016

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Insurance Agency Marketing Options in 2016 Not much has changed from 2015 to 2016 so far. But that doesn’t mean that figuring out where to spend your marketing budget is any easier this year. How much do you spend on each item and area? How do you compete? How long will it take to recoup your […]