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  • Professional Design

    Fully custom, beautiful website designed for your agency. Your brand will shine! All sites are mobile responsive so will look great on any device.

  • SEO

    All our sites come packed with SEO features meaning you’ll stand out online. We even will coach you on improving your SEO further if you want to do some things  yourself.

  • Premium Hosting

    Our hosting plans are fast and come with SSL certificates default so your site is always up, loading fast and building trust 24/7.

  • Content

    Use our extensive list of pre-written content for a turnkey solution. Want to use your own content? No problem, we can add that in, or give you access to modify ours.

Website Design for Insurance Agents

We create and optimize professional, fully customized mobile responsive insurance agency websites on a CMS platform. These sites  include text, images, digital media and interactive elements to ensure success  24/7.

When we create an insurance agency’s website  from scratch, we are able to control every aspect of the optimization process.  From keywords and keyword locations to optimized content and pictures. Your new  website will climb up the ranking of the search engines so more new customers  can find your business when shopping for insurance.

Our insurance agency website packages can include:

  1. Professionally written content pages from any categories including:  Personal Insurance, Business Insurance, Life & Health, Contact Us, About Us, Blog with the option to add more pages
  2. Images to add optimization & richness to your website
  3. Search Engine Optimization that includes keyword rich content for all  pages written for your business.
  4. Website hosting
  5. Website and sitemap submission to  the open directory project & many more to ensure you’re found.
  6. SSL Certificates

Responsive Website Design Insurance Agencies

Make sure your insurance agency stands out!  Some things to consider:

  1. Is your current  website indexed by the search engines?
  2. Are your keywords  getting traffic to your website?
  3. Are your images  optimized?
  4. Is your site visible  to the search engines?
  5. Does your website  contain Java script or Flash or is your website too plugin heavy?
  6. Is your page loading speed  at or above average standards?

If you’re not happy with your current site and  are interested to learn more, call today for a free, no obligation consultation  on how we can help you market your agency online.

Insurance Agency Website Design

8 Pillars of Amazing Insurance Agency Websites

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Great insurance agency websites can mean the difference between people looking for insurance and people buying insurance. There are no quick tricks left when it comes to marketing your insurance agency, just great work so you stand out in a crowded industry (the single most competitive online).

If you’re in the process of designing a new website, or working on an existing one, be sure to include these eight foolproof ways to improve your customer and prospective customer experiences.

  1. Visualization & Personalization

Your website has to look good and most professional website designers can make you a great looking site. First impressions are important and cheesy stock photos may not be your best option. Personalize your site with staff photos taken by a professional photographer and share some stories about why you’re in the business.  Be sure that your site gets your message across immediately. Tell that customer why you should be the choice for insurance within the first few seconds of them arriving to your site.

  1. Content

Without good content the search engines won’t find you. Write great landing page content for your site, explain coverages, and discuss different types of insurance and deductible options.

Feeling like you want to get more advanced? Learn basic SEO and optimize your website for search keywords to improve your search engine rankings.

  1. Easy to Navigate

Great insurance agency websites need great navigation. Be sure to organize your menu in ways that customers can find what they’re looking for. Also, be sure you have a search function on your site so people can type in what they’re looking for.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Options

Some people want to do things themselves and your website should allow them to do that. From quote options with comparative raters to Service Centers where they can get claims & payment information to requesting policy changes and proof of insurance cards. Be sure that your site has these basic features.

  1. Clear and Many Calls To Action

I still see a lot of websites that don’t have quote buttons. You really have to search the sites for how to get in touch with the agency. This is turning people away. Be sure that your website has three basic options:

  1. Quote Button
  2. Clearly displayed phone number (clickable to call on mobile)
  3. Text Us (or Chat feature)

6. Blog

Blogging is a hard thing to do consistently, but I promise it makes a huge difference in your search engine rankings if you do it correctly. Even if done poorly, the search engines will still reward you because your site has new content for it to index.

  1. Responsive Design

If you’re working on a new site, pretty much any design at this point will be responsive to different devices like mobile and tablets. If you’re working on an existing site, be sure that it is, if not it is time to consider a redesign. Because of mobile first indexing, avoid separate mobile versions of your website at all costs.

  1. Speed Optimization

Nobody likes slow websites and your abandon rate will increase tremendously with every second of additional load time. If your site loads slowly, people who visit your site will leave. Furthermore, it is a widely known fact that Google and other search engines use desktop and mobile speed in their search engine algorithms. Some quick tips on this are: compress images, eliminate flash, avoid sliders and excessive animation.

There is a lot that goes into making your insurance agency website stand out from the pack. By following these tips you’ll be in a great position to do well. If you’d like help creating your new site, we’d love to help. Our programs are designed to be automated and will include what is above as well as more items we didn’t discuss so you know everything is done right the first time.


Insurance Marketing Strategies to gain new internet leads

When It Comes To Online Leads, Simply Having A Website Isn’t Enough Anymore For Online Success

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Insurance Marketing Strategies to gain new internet leadsDid you know that the category “Insurance” is the most competitive category on the internet? In fact, it is more competitive than the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th categories combined. This is why you not only need a great website, but you need additional marketing strategies in place to be successful online.

Would you be surprised if I told you that according to there are 1.135 million insurance agents, brokers & service employees in the US? This number is up nearly 250,000 since 2010 alone. You’re in a competitive industry that is only going to get more competitive as more agents invest in their websites, SEO and digital marketing spaces.

So, what are some things that you can do to stand out in this space?

Create Video: Video isn’t something new or revolutionary, but you don’t see many agency websites using video. Video is a great way to meet the staff, showcase community involvement or explain coverages or create video proposals on more complex risks.

Write Funny Blogs Or Address Common Questions: Insurance can be boring. By creating a funny blog you cannot only get traffic, but you can receive backlinks from other websites. If you’re looking for traffic, writing a blog on commonly asked questions can be a gold mine. Keep a notepad at your desk and after a week of jotting down clients questions, you’ll have a pile of great blog articles. If they’re asking it, chances are other are looking them up online.

Run Paid Search Campaigns: Paid search is a great complimentary source for all of your digital marketing. Avoid running ads for things like “Auto Insurance” or “Home Insurance” as you’ll be competing with companies with national carriers who have much larger budgets. Look for niche opportunities to get the most bang for your buck.

Solicit Reviews for Google My Business: Google My Business (GMB) is equally important to having a great website. Have you ever looked at your GMB pages analytics? You’d be surprised at how much traffic, views and clicks they get. Be sure to send all of your happy customers directly to your GMB page to leave a review. I find that it is the single most impactful thing an agency owner can do for themselves online.

Participate In Your Community: Community involvement isn’t just good for others, it is good for your business. There isn’t anything self-serving about participating in your community and letting people know you did it. Share pictures of your team on social media and update your about us page showcasing your efforts to help out your community.

Complete Online Directory Listings: Creating online directory listings are a huge pain. Be smart about it and either focus on the aggregators or utilize a service like WhiteSpark or MozLocal to help you create and manage these listings.

Online marketing is tough and competitive, but by using the tools above you can stand out from the crowd. Differentiating yourself online and getting leads from the internet is all possible, but you can’t expect that your website will work for you, if you’re not doing things to work for it.

Good luck out there.