Social Media Automatic Posting

insurance agency social media

Are you tired of hearing about how social  media can grow your insurance agency business? Social media is a terrific tool to market  your insurance agency if it can be embraced properly!

Let me start here by saying that we do not put heavy emphasis on social media in any of our marketing programs nor do we believe that a 3rd party vendor could even begin to do a good job representing your agency online. We’ve seen several examples where, because of 3rd party management, leads through Facebook messenger never get replied to.

While not entirely possible for us to manage the entire social media experience (due to communications between you and your  clients or prospects) we set up pages and provide content for your Facebook page. Since Facebook is where the majority of social media  traffic is coming from and is currently the best one to grow business on, we, and you, should focus there.

Social media is about creating “likeable”  social media interactions with your customers. All too often we see insurance agencies post content that is just informative and does not engage the  customers. You want to engage your social media clients so that they share what  you’ve posted, like your status or comment on the thread. If you’re not  creating likeable social media, nobody is going to see it. Just like Google and  Bing have algorithms, so does Facebook!

Facebook’s algorithm includes:

  1. What is the  relationship between you and your client (how often do you interact, etc.)?
  2. How recent is your  post?
  3. How many likes did the comment receive or how many times was the status shared?

If you can hit all three well, it will likely  show up in the newsfeed of the people who like your page.

Our job is to create likeable social media for you so your customers or prospects stay engaged!