About Tosten Marketing

Representing the needs of insurance agents across the country!

Taber T. Streur
Founder | Marketing Director

I have worked in the insurance industry in various roles since 2003 as well as had the distinct privilege of working side-by-side with over 500+ agents & agency owners across the country from Hawaii to New York.

My close relationships with the insurance industry and carriers allows me to constantly remain knowledgeable about changing trends. Marketing doesn’t come easy to most people. Fortunately, my vision for Tosten Marketing from the beginning was to create a simple, turn-key solution for your agency and ensure your business remains relevant in the changing tides of digital marketing. I would love the opportunity to discuss how Tosten Marketing can make an impact on your business with one of our programs.

Taber has a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Western Washington University.  He uses this to create agencies colorful, well thought content for their websites as well as incorporating media design into the websites Tosten Marketing creates. Taber is an accomplished writer and has been published in multiple publications throughout the past 20 years.

Tosten Marketing was developed to bring insurance agencies an affordable and organized solution to marketing their insurance agency online. Founded on the principles of creating a program that was equally affordable as it was comprehensive, the results driven programs we offer are truly unique. What sets Tosten Marketing apart is that we only work with local independent insurance agencies. Furthermore, we understand insurance and have held jobs as:

  • Claims Adjuster (handling property & injury claims)
  • Casualty Rep (handling litigated bodily injury & high-value property losses)
  • Claims Team Leader (managing claims adjusters)
  • Senior Sales and Marketing Rep (working with agents in their offices)

Tosten Marketing now enjoys being one of the quickest growing and most innovative marketing agencies for insurance agents. We have a reputation for being results driven and providing unparalleled value.  Read some of our client testimonials.

We continue to evolve as a company, just as the industry continues to evolve. We never stop working to bring new ways to our clients to grow their business. We understand there are many choices when you’re looking for someone to market your business and we’re humbled that you’ve considered us. Request a call to discuss your marketing aspirations today. Contact Us