Google Ads: Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

  • Target Specific Industries

    You pick the categories you want to target. For instance, our ads can target only a specific niche like contractors, home insurance, landlord insurance, etc.

  • Location

    You can target anywhere with Google Ads. Want to target a specific zip code or town? No problem.

  • Get More Leads

    Paying for leads sounds like a drag, but the ROI calculation is fairly simple. Use the form at the bottom of this page to calculate your ROI.

Pay Per Click Insurance Agents

Managing a “pay-per-click” campaign goes  beyond simple management. It doesn’t matter how many people click on your ad if  nobody buys from you. We have the knowledge of the industry and the experience  to not just get traffic to your site, but to get the right traffic to your  site.

Google Ads is an effective way to grow many businesses and provides us with powerful analytics so we can adjust our ads to ensure you get the most out of a pay-per-click budget. Google is the  largest search engine in the world and by a large margin. Google Ads allows  you to expand your reach to your targeted clientele and only that targeted  client.

We complete the keyword research, refine the times your ad will run, the zip codes in which it will show up and the ad creative. It is all part of our PPC option for insurance agencies.

Determine if Pay-Per-Click is right for your insurance agency!

Use the spreadsheet below (click the download link below image) to calculate your ROI.