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Unique Insurance Agency Marketing

2018 Digital Marketing Trends for Insurance Agents – Are you unique?

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Most agents by now have taken the basic steps of online marketing. Your website looks professional and you’ve claimed your Google My Business listings. But, many agencies we talk to still struggle with the next steps. Having a website simply isn’t enough anymore.  2018 will be about: What makes your agency unique and what makes […]

Google Website Requirements

Google Doesn’t Care About the Age of your Website but It Does Care About This

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Some businesses have the misconception that because their website is old and has been around for a really long time that it is better to “spruce it up” versus build out a new design. When it comes to your business website, one of the only things that matters is what Google thinks about it and […]

Insurance Agency Review Online

Utilize Online Reviews to Grow Your Insurance Agency

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Agents often ask, “What else can we be doing online to continue improving results?” The answer is simpler than most think: Online Reviews are more and more important in the search engine optimization (SEO) ecosystem. Soliciting reviews from your customers is not only imperative, but in my opinion one of the best ways agents are […]

Marking Misconceptions in the Insurance Industry

Debunking Common, Misleading Marketing Promises or Guarantees

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I can’t tell you how many agents over the years have said, “I’ve been burned by that before” or “Well, this other company promises…” One reason I started Tosten Marketing was because I disliked seeing agents get taken advantage of because the complexity of the web was too much for them to manage. Five and […]

Is a Microsite Right for your Insurance Agency?

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A microsite may benefit your agency by targeting a specific product or niche market. If your agency writes many insurance products but you have a great niche, you may want to consider a microsite. Microsites are small, very specific websites (separate from your main website) with a collection of pages dedicated to only one product. […]

Retention Secrets for Your Insurance Business

Creating Lasting Customer Relationships

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I recently had a customer service experience that was so extraordinary that I felt compelled to leave reviews online and now, write about my experience. This experience at Men’s Wearhouse left me thinking about earning customer’s for life. Not one-timers, but companies that earn my business even if their prices may be higher. I can […]