Tosten Marketing Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a service contract to sign?

Yes, all of our programs require a one-year commitment. After the 1st year, the service agreement goes month-to-month.

Are results guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any sort of guarantee for the services we provide, other than we will complete what is listed in the service agreement. Each market is very different and we market across the U.S., so results will vary greatly depending on many factors.

Do you market companies other than insurance agents?

We will provide websites for companies other than insurance agents only if they are existing insurance customers. If you’re an insurance agent and you own a bakery as well, or a tax service, we can provide you with a website for those businesses as long as you’re a customer of Tosten Marketing.

How much time should I expect to spend guiding Tosten Marketing’s efforts?

Our program is meant to run with very little time commitment on your behalf. From time to time, depending on the level of your marketing package, we will ask for updated email lists, authorization to send out newsletters and an initial questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to fill out.

Are your websites “Cookie-cutter?”

Each one of our websites is created for YOUR business individually. We use pre-coded themes to help us shorten coding and design time, but your website will be unique and we can make changes to just about any part of your sites design.

Will you market another insurance agent in my area?

We do limit how many agents we will marketing for in cities, but it depends on the size of the city and the specific needs of the agents. For instance, if one customer wants us to market primarily non-standard business we will take on another customer who primary targets preferred markets.  Again, it is not a yes/no answer, but it would be unusual that you have another agent on top of you for the same targeted products in limited markets.

How much does your marketing program cost?

Depends on how much marketing we do for your business. Currently our programs range in price from $199-$749+ per month. Your program costs will depend on how much you want us to do for you and how much you enjoy doing yourself.

Is your program eligible for co-op?

You’ll have to approach your carriers for any co-op. We cannot determine whether or not they will provide any funds to help you. Currently about half of our customers do receive co-op from some insurance carrier to help them with the cost of the program.

Do all programs include search engine optimizations (SEO)?
Yes, SEO is included with every level program. The depth of that SEO depends on what marketing package you subscribe to.

Do I own my website?

You will always own your domain, but the websites that are created by Tosten Marketing are owned by us. You receive a license agreement to use that product.

How quickly can you get a new website up and running?

This is more often tied to how quickly you respond to our requests. We’ve had websites up and running in 3 days, while others have taken over a month. Typically, we can work as quickly as you can.


If you have other questions regarding our services, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.