Insurance Agency Newsletter Program

  • Improve Retention

    Are you “touching” your customer after you make the sale? Our newsletter program ensures you get 5 touches a year.

  • Cross-Sell

    Have a new product or want to make a push for an additional product to sell? Newsletters are great ways to improve cross-selling and circle back to account round.

  • Seasonality Risks

    Seasonality can be a great opportunity to sell more. Motorcycle, Boat & Flood insurance to name a few.

Email Marketing - Newsletters

Insurance agency newsletters are something that most agents we meet with have wanted to do in the past, but just hasn’t gotten around to doing! We know they’re time consuming and there is some uncertainty with how the best way to send them out is. So, the great debate begins… Let Tosten Marketing take this time consuming task off of your plate with our newsletter program. Our program is 100% automated and you can customize them any way you like! You can participate or we will create them on your behalf. How much you contribute is up to you!

Our clients get professionally produced  newsletters sent out electronically clients as part of our program. We have found the sweet spot is four times per year, plus a holiday greeting at the end of the year. You can also utilize our newsletter program for special announcements such as natural disaster claims information or office closures.

We create custom quarterly insurance agency newsletters.  Our insurance agency newsletters are intended to serve four main areas:

  1. Retain: The number two reason (first being price) reason that people  leave their agency is because they haven’t heard from you! This way, your  clients hear from you up to five times per year.
  2. Inform: Well, this is an insurance business, right? We keep your  customers informed about insurance related news that may impact them in some way, remind them of seasonal insurance coverages such as flood, boat or motorcycle coverage.
  3. Grow: We include cross-sell language in many issues to grow your  average customer policy count.
  4. Entertain: If a newsletter is entertaining it is more likely be read.

If newsletters have been something you’ve been considering, our affordable insurance agency services can free up your time, retain more of your customers and grow your business. Let us manage your newsletter email marketing campaign for your insurance agency. We’ve been doing insurance for a long time so we understand the content and questions that people have!