Insurance Agency Blogging Service

  • Improve Search Engine Rankings

    Improve SEO by posting relevant, keyword rich content that builds internal site links.

  • Improve Content Relevance

    New, relevant content is a powerful SEO strategy.

  • Timeliness

    Yep, another powerful SEO stragety. Timeliness is a critical SEO factor. More recent blogs show up first typically.

Insurance Agency Blogs

Improve your search engine opportunities with an insurance agency blog.

Blogging at your insurance agency can be a time consuming endeavor. Time spent writing, thinking of topics to write, publishing, optimizing and simply the overall process can take up half of your day. Not to mention, being consistent at completing the task. Fortunately, we offer a solution to help any insurance agency keep their website fresh by having regular blog posts on their website added automatically!

Our content marketing strategy for insurance agencies starts with profound ideas and research to find what people are searching for on the internet and then writing content around that topic. For instance, my experience as a claims adjuster many years ago told me that many people want to know if their auto insurance covers them while driving a U-Haul rented vehicle. So, we wrote a blog post about this and our client’s websites get monthly traffic from this post. One agency gets as many as 20+ hits per month from this one topic! If you can be a resource for people in your community searching for information, it is entirely likely you can earn their business.

The purpose of an insurance agency blog is to continue to grow your marketing footprint and create internal links on your website. If you have a static website with no new content being added to your blog, the website risks falling out of favor with the search engines and furthermore, you eliminate the opportunity to reach additional website traffic. It is widely known in the search engine optimization (SEO) community that if you have regular, new content on your website the search engines will visit your site more often. This increase in website traffic is  a crucial part of internet marketing and an insurance agency blog is a simple thing to get going.

Our program will add 2 blog articles per month to your insurance agency website. The articles will be optimized for search in your community. Start growing your insurance agency website traffic by adding a blog!