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Top Reasons to have a SSL Certificate for your Insurance Agency Website

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SSL certificates can earn your insurance agency new business. We’ve outlined the top reasons to consider one for your agency.


SSL certificates provide security to your website by verifying that the website a visitor is visiting is actually the one on the server. Some think that only sites that contain sensitive information benefit from an SSL. While we personally discourage our agents to collect sensitive information such as a social security number over the web, an SSL protects more than just the site, it protects the user from 3rd party attackers often referred to as, “man in the middle attacks.”

Organic Search Optimization Bump

It isn’t often that Google comes out and flat out tells online marketers what exactly we need to do to improve rankings. In 2014, Google did just that. They said sites that run on https will benefit from a bump to their organic search engine placement. Think of it this way. If all things else are equal and your website has an SSL and a competitor does not your site would get a boost.

Customer Peace of Mind

Customers, including you and me, want to do business with websites that contain that small green padlock.  It shows professionalism as well as brings the customer peace of mind.

SSL certificates for insurance agency websites are a simple way to get multiple benefits. There are many benefits of an SSL certificate. If you’d like one for your website contact your hosting provider. They can typically be purchased for between $75 and $200 per year. There are likely going to be additional costs from your web designer because installing the certificate onto the site can be a time consuming process.

If you’d like more information regarding an SSL certificate for your insurance agency website, please feel free to contact us.

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