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Managing a social media site requires more than great posts

by Taber Streur

Browsing through Facebook I see ads for major companies, but I am always pleased when I see that a major company has commented on a status or liked a fan photo.  It usually pertains to something that is directly related to the company, like Walmart thanking people for feedback on a product post.  Still, the brand directly engaged in conversation with its core audience.  Interaction with a digital audience is not reserved for major companies.  Independent local insurance agencies can engage with their audiences as well.

When a consumer comes into your office for a consultation about an insurance policy, the conversation is not one sided. You need to get to know your clients and their situations so that you can find them the best policy to suit their needs.  So, why would you not do the same thing with your Facebook fans? Businesses today are presented with a unique platform in which to connect with consumers.  Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow businesses and consumers to interact about things that are not necessarily business related. An agency can (and should!) pose questions that pertain to the insurance industry. For example: “Fess up!  What is the one bad driving habit you wish you could kick?” Answers could range from texting to tailgating to dancing to cheesy pop music.  It’s a great opportunity for your insurance agency to have an honest dialogue with clients about pretty much anything and relate it back to insurance.

[callout1]It also makes your agency more human, not just an entity that clients cut checks to once a month.[/callout1]

Social media communication can also provide insight into things your followers/fans are interested in (products, studies, etc.) and can guide you or your social media manager to appropriate content that may generate a wider reach.  It also makes your agency more human, not just an entity that clients cut checks to once a month.

Blue Nile, a jewelry and watch internet retailer, does an awesome job interacting with their customers.  Whether it is commenting on a wall post or liking a photo, they make sure that they respond to nearly every customer query, compliment or complaint.  Take a look that their Facebook page, it is littered with happy customer stories and posts that encourage consumers to respond and in turn, Blue Nile answers questions, offers suggestions or gives congratulations.  It is just not the business page that should interact; agents who have professional Facebook profiles should be interacting as well.  Show your followers how funny/unique/awesome your agency and agents are, make them want to return to your page and in turn, continue doing business with you.

If the idea of consumer interaction on Facebook is daunting let Tosten Marketing know!  If you are finding yourself in a conversational black hole, we would be happy to help you start (and continue) conversing with your digital audience.