Online Reviews for your Insurance Agency – Why They’re Important and How to Get Them!

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Online reviews for insurance agents are becoming more important than ever. Start a process in your insurance agency today to ensure your agency stays at the front of the pack in the competitive online marketplace.

by Taber Streur

Google Reviews Insurance Agent

Due to popular demand, I figured it would be a great opportunity to give an explanation about the importance of online reviews for your insurance agency.

While online reviews are nothing new to a local businesses, the weight that search engines are placing on these local listings is growing.

Recently we were asked our opinion of Google placing more importance on reviews versus SEO. There is no question that SEO is important. Even the most basic SEO. Consider your homepage for instance.

Non-optimized tag: Tosten Insurance Agency

-You didn’t tell the search engine what your page is about, besides you’re an insurance agency. Your results would be poor unless someone is searching for your insurance agency by name.

Optimized tag: Tosten Insurance Agency – Bellevue, WA – Auto, Home, Health

-You tell the search engine you’re an insurance agency in Bellevue, WA and selling auto, home and health insurance.

Optimization is important. That will not change. What might change, and what has changed, is the optimization techniques that are effective and produce results. We recently updated our clients on the changes that have occurred just since the beginning of the year:

Panda# 24 – January 22, 2013 Panda# 25 – March 14, 2013 “Phantom”  – May 9, 2013 Domain Crowding – May 21, 2013 Penguin 2.0 – May 22, 2013 “Payday Loan” Update – June 21, 2013 Panda Dance – June 11, 2013 Multi-Week Update – June 27 2013 Panda Recovery – July 18 2013 Knowledge Graph Expansion – July 19, 2013 Unnamed Update – July 26, 2013 In-depth Articles – Aug. 6, 2013 Hummingbird – Aug. 20, 2013 Penguin 2.1 – October 4, 2013

Online marketing evolves quickly. Google, more quickly than others. Your page rankings can change daily in Google so it is important to not look at these daily. My grandparents taught me early on in life to not watch the stock market daily, but to focus on the overall performance of the stock. The same is goes for search engine results.

So, we’ve established that SEO is important, but what about online reviews? There is no question that reviews impact how consumers make purchase decisions for products and where they shop. Consider you’re shopping for a new TV on If you find a TV on there that has 2/5 stars, you’re not likely going to buy that product. If you find another TV in the same price range with 5/5 stars, you’ll probably pick it up. When it comes to consumers and their purchase decisions, reviews are critically important. It is estimated that over 70 percent of consumers trust reviews from people they do not know.

So, what can you do at your insurance agency to get reviews? Make it easy for your customers!

1.      Add a link to your emails to your G+ and Yelp pages.
Taber T. Streur
Tosten Insurance Agency

Happy with our service? Please leave us a review on Google or Yelp!

2.      Add a widget to your website. If your website was built by us, ask us to do it for you, or if you work with a web designer, ask them to install something similar to what is below with links so people can just click on it.

Insurance Agency Reviews

3.      Print out a card or place a table tent on your desk

Add a card or table tent to your desk asking for reviews. While customers sit and wait, they could use their cell phone to leave a review. Consider adding a QR code to it so they can scan it and go right to the site to leave the review. There are many sites that will create you a free QR code.

4.      Include in your newsletters

Add clickable links to your ENewsletters. If we send out newsletters for your agency, we already do this for you so you’re one step ahead.

5.      Ask on social media

People love to recommend products or services, but often times insurance isn’t top of mind. Remind your customers on social media that you’d like a review. Ask softly with something like, “We’d love to hear from you! If you are happy with our service, please leave us a review on Google or Yelp!”

6.      Require agents to ask happy customers for a review

“Your feedback is important to us. If you could take the time to leave us a review on Google or Yelp, we’d appreciate it!”

A tip: SEO works  in partnership with online reviews. If asking customers, encourage them to talk about their product and the city where they purchased it.

“The folks at Tosten Insurance were fantastic. They helped us save on our auto insurance in Bellevue, WA and we couldn’t be happier!”


As with everything, what is in today, may not be as important tomorrow. That said, it is important to stay up to speed on what is happening with insurance marketing. If your agency needs help managing your insurance agency marketing campaigns, consider our options. Tosten Marketing offers completely managed marketing campaigns for independent insurance agents.