Include these 8 Items in your 2014 Insurance Website

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Insurance Website

7 Items to Include in Your 2014 Insurance Agency Website Design


So long are the days that your insurance agency website can be simple text with a few pictures. Your website must shine in order to make the sale online. With the advancement of technology and increased competition online from both direct writers as well as captive agents, you must give your prospective clients a reason to purchase from your agency.

  1. Appealing Design: Think of the last time you visited a site that was old or offered little options – you probably left. Having a new website designed for your insurance agency can be an exciting time and an opportunity to show off your agency and show people shopping for insurance just why they should purchase from you. People, you and me included, like to make purchases from companies that are hip as well as informative. If you can show that your agency is up to speed with the latest in design as well as provide them with the information they’re looking for, you’re chances of getting a phone call are better. Agencies who rely on an old design from 5 years ago will not only have a higher bounce rate on the website, but they’ll also experience fewer calls and referral business. 
  2. Quote Features: Consumers love options. Some people will want to get a quote immediately, while others will prefer to wait to speak to an agent. This gives you three options to offer them quotes:
    1. Comparative Rater integration: If you agency already has the expense of a comparative rater, you may have access to a consumer quoting platform for your website. Contact your comparative rater company and ask. Any good web design company can integrate this function in literally, minutes.
    2. Quote Form: Less information is better. Name, product you’d like quoted, phone number and email address. Have the form email to a couple agents in case one is out of the office.
    3. Phone Number call to action: There is no quicker way to get a quote than to just call the agency. Display your phone number boldly on the homepage with a clear call to action.
  3. Name, Address, Phone number in Schema markup on every page: Schema is a type of internet code that tells the search engine exactly what you’ve written in the order that search engines prefer. Tell your web designer to add your NAP to every page of the website in Schema Markup.
  4.  Carriers you represent: Show visitors on your website that you have many options for them. Display the top recognized carriers in your office prominently
  5. Pictures of your agents with contact information: Because walk-in traffic to your office is limited, it is common that your customers never meet their agent in-person. By displaying your agents name or contact information with their photo, you can build a relationship virtually. We had an agent tell us that the bio we put online converted into a sale. The customer said they liked the story and decided to call
  6. Links to Social Media and Review Pages:  Encourage your customer to keep in touch and allow prospective customers the opportunity to check you out further. Links to your social media as well as links to reviews such as Yelp and Google+ are important parts of the process for new and existing customers.
  7. A Blog. A blog is a great and simply way for even the lease technical person to be able to keep your agency website up to date. Have a feed installed onto your homepage so your homepage is regularly updating and looking fresh.
  8. Simple Navigation including search option. Make it simple for customers to move around your website. If you don’t have a site that is easy to navigate, consumers will likely look to a site that is easy to figure out. Pick your top 3 products and display them boldly on your homepage with pictures or text hyperlinked to their respective pages. Check out the menu at It is easy to navigate and find your way around.


By integrating these elements into your insurance agency website design, you will not only have  nice and functional website, but you’ll see your customer inquiries improve as well. 

If you’d like help with a new website, we design beautiful sites through WordPress for insurance agents.