Google+ and Google Places … anyone confused?

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Google+ Local How to

Utilizing Google Places & Google+ for your Insurance Agency Marketing

by Taber Streur

Recently Google announced (okay, so it was back in May) that it would be moving away from Google Places and begin migrating information over to a new platform for Google+ local pages. While this has confused many business owners, don’t fret.

While many business owners have taken it upon themselves to create their new Google+ Local page for their business, Google assures us that they will eventually (best guess, maybe 6 months from today?) migrate the information you have on your Google Places account and place it on your Google+ Local account. Once that page is created, you can go through the process of claiming your page. Unfortunately, verification is currently only available via postcard. Sigh.

Some other information that you may find useful about Google+ Local is that your posts are search friendly. So, when you’re posting updates on your Google+ local page ensure you’re adding great keywords that people might be looking for.

If you have questions about this or other local search for your small business, feel free to reach out as we’re always here to help. For a “how to” visit Google+. Also, you can always find us there too!