Eric H.

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Five years ago, after interviewing several SEO companies, our agency signed on with Tosten Marketing with the goal being to increase our presence on the web and thereby increase the volume of phone calls requesting insurance quotes. Within a very short period of time Taber Streur and the folks at Tosten Marketing were able to not only redesign our website but get us on the first page of Google for anyone looking for auto insurance in Portland Oregon. We felt that Taber’s experience in the insurance industry would be of great benefit as he understood what we were trying to create and we have not been disappointed. Tosten Marketing was actually able to do what two previous SEO companies had only been able to promise. We ask all phone inquiries how they heard about us and “The Internet” is now the number 2 answer behind customer referrals. With the demise of the Yellow Pages Tosten Marketing is a must for any insurance agency!