APRIL 21st is a Looming Deadline you Need to Address!

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Insurance Agents: Google will NOT Display Your Website if it is Not Mobile Responsive after April 21st.Google Column

On April 21st, Google will be taking into consideration whether or not your website is mobile friendly. If your website was designed more than 2 years ago, it is likely that it does not have the mobile responsiveness that they will be looking for.

Mobile responsive design means that the website essentially responds to the size of the device that the website is being viewed on. For example, if your site is 4 columns wide on a desktop, it can rearrange itself down to a single column width for viewing on a mobile device (like pictured to the right).

Not sure if your site is mobile responsive? Just shrink down a window on your desktop browser and see if it rearranges into a single column. If you can still scroll left to right on the bottom, it is not. If it displays nicely in a single column, you’re probably in luck!

Insurance agents need to address this because currently, our figures show that 28% of website traffic is coming through mobile. If your site is not mobile responsive, or if you don’t have an optimized mobile site, you will not show up 28% of the time. Imagine missing out on 28% of your new business quotes each month.

Changing your site over to a mobile responsive one can be costly as it requires a new site be built. Your existing content can often be migrated over and if you use a CMS system like WordPress, you can often times just update your theme or change the theme to a mobile responsive one.

There are many companies that can address your needs, including us. Our website packages start at just $149 per month and include your design (mobile responsive of course), content, images and optimization.

If you’re an existing Tosten customer and we designed your site, don’t fret! We either have already changed your site over, or are working on it and will be launched prior to this deadline. If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to help you.