Why We’re Different

We Understand Insurance

There is no doubt you have a choice of marketing companies for your insurance agency.  However, how many of these companies really understand what you do? How many of them can explain the differences between insurance products, how claims work or the quoting process? That’s where we’re different. We’ve been in the insurance industry since 2002.  The founder of Tosten Marketing, Taber Streur has worked with over 500 Independent Agents and we currently help agents in 26 states helping them grow their businesses.

We Automate Your Marketing Program

We speak insurance and we do all your marketing for you.  You hardly have to lift a pencil.  There are many differences of doing business with Tosten Marketing. 100% of our websites are unique too!  For the past 14 years we have lived, breathed and worked side-by-side with Independent Agents to help them understand the changing marketplace. We understand insurance and we understand the struggles Independent Agents face when trying to adapt to the changing marketing landscapes.

We Offer a Variety of Programs to fit Your Situation Perfectly:

We offer complete solutions to your marketing troubles. Many others offer only a partial fix to the problem. We believe that to have effective marketing, you must complete a multi-level, multi-channel campaign. This includes a broad web presence, brand creation, your staff, your community and your existing customers. While others focus on just one piece of the puzzle, we work to complete the entire puzzle for you. As a business owner you don’t have the time to focus all of your efforts on marketing. We specialize in marketing Independent Insurance Agencies. That’s all we do. So, let us show you the difference a year can make when you do business with us. We look forward to working with you!

As you’re searching for a company to work with your business consider these questions:

  • Does this company understand insurance?
  • Who will handle your day-to-day marketing?
  • Is the person who sold you the marketing package the one doing the work?
  • Is your new website going to be the same as 100’s of other websites?

Our Clients

We specialize in working with only one type of client:  The local Independent Insurance Agent.  We’ve spent our careers working with and observing the changes that the Independent Insurance Agent channel is going through. We realize that with the competition of direct writers, aggressive captive carriers and other local independents entering your areas, it is a competitive time.

This is a significant difference with doing business with us; we understand exactly what you do. We concentrate in your field and only your field. Our ideal client is an established independent agency who has or is willing to embrace technology and is both ready and excited for a dramatic change in how their office is marketed. Sure, we’ll stick with what works, but we’ll add some things too.

We work with agencies from many backgrounds that include: Local Professionals, to Non-Standard Specialists and every agency in between. We understand that marketing one business is dramatically different from another. We also understand differences exist within states and what works in one part of the state may not work in another area. We don’t stop working until we see results and we are constantly on the hunt for better, more creative ways to market your agency. So give us a call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to growing your business.