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Find the resources & notes from Tosten Marketing’s presentation regarding SEO & auditing.

Google Reviews Printable Slide Deck

Google Reviews is an amazing tool for agency growth. Use the printable slide deck below to help your agents create their own program for getting more reviews on Google and increasing their Google My Business & website traffic.

Google Maps for Home Based Insurance AgentsGoogle Reviews Tips & Tricks (Just click to download)


Strengths:  Great looking website, community engagement, good referral program, well known in community…

Weaknesses:  No reviews online, poor social media engagement, poor mobile experience, weak website optimization, no service center on site…

Opportunities: Website audit, niche marketing, Google My Business, Reviews…

Threats: StateFarm, Paid Ads, New Agent in area…

Components of A Great Website

Design: Is it modern, fresh & professional?

Content: How many words are there? (400 minimum) How many product pages (look at menu)

Optimization: Are the pages optimized for search? (Title/meta)

  • Go to Google and type into search site:agencyurl (example:

Call to Action: Clear calls to action for quotes?

Perception: Does the website leave the visitor with a good idea of what their brand represents?


Look for the lockbox.

If SSL is active, but producing errors, use this tool to determine why:

Mobile Responsiveness

Does website shrink & fit onto mobile? Is this a separate mobile site or is it the main website (compare).


  • More mobile traffic
  • One cost instead of two
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Improved SEO

On-Page SEO


  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in: (use the agency URL, in place, example:

Speed SEO Audit

Use Google’s Speed Audit Test: CLICK HERE

Google Reviews Link Generator

Get a link directly to your Google My Business Page reviews HERE.