Link Building

A website without links is like applying for a  job without a resume! You’re not going to get anywhere.

Link building is the process of going out to  the internet and getting other websites to link to your site. This process  increases your chances to get the major search engines to rank you higher in  their results because the link acts as a “vote” for your website.

The major search engines like quality links.  There are companies that sell 500 links for $129 or so. However, these links  are unrelated to the content on your website and the search engines catch on to  this. Once a search engine sees these unrelated links, they treat them like  spam and penalize your ranking position. There are rumors that these it is then  impossible to regain your placement on the search engines. Either way, we work  to build quality, relevant, related links. 50 quality links will out-perform  500 poor quality links all day long.