Google My Business for Insurance Agents

  • Get More Leads

    Our customers who have us manage their GMB pages get more views and actions than those we don’t manage.

  • Stand Out Online

    Showing up in search is a critical part of getting more leads. If you show up more, chances are you’ll get more leads.

  • Professional Automation

    We’re insurance agency marketing specialists – it is all we do. Our automated program means you don’t have to do anything and can focus on what you do best – write new business.

Start Getting More Leads Today

Our newest program delivers consistent leads and interest in your business.  Earlier this year, we quietly rolled out our new Google My Business Program. The program actively manages your Google My Business page and over the past several months, we have been tracking results.

We took data from 20 random agency customers we manage from a before and after perspective with data over a 4-month period. Here are the numbers:

Views (how many people saw your profile) increased: 8%

Actions (visits to website or phone calls) increased: 24.5%

With web marketing, it is not the number of people who visit (the views), but it is the quality of the visitor that makes the difference (actions). For instance, with your website, it is easy to generate traffic, but traffic does not help you grow your agency. Quote requests and phone calls are what makes the difference.

It is my opinion, that every single agency should be have a Google My Business marketing strategy in place. Whether you are doing it yourself, or whether we manage it for you, it is a proven marketing platform that is generating leads for agencies.

Added Benefit – Get More Reviews!

Grow your Google My Business Reviews with our conditional logic forms. If we manage your Google My Business profile, we have the ability to build you out a form on your website to easily and quickly get  more reviews on Google. Our agencies who utilize this tool get more reviews and have better agent (employees) participation. Ask us to see a demo on how this works.

If you would like to learn more about the Google My Business Program, please click the link below. If you would like to sign up, simply fill out the form on the right side of the page on our website. This is a monthly program; you can remove it from your marketing plan at any point.

Program Details

1.) Check for Accurate Business Information.

  • Consistently check your business information is accurate and matches your website exactly.
  • Remember, anyone can “suggest an edit.”

2.) Optimize your Google My Business page targeting specific keywords for your targeted lines of insurance.

  • Setup categories
  • Write description
  • Complete Services section

3.) Publish posts

  • This is the bulk of the program. We will share your blogs or write other content to get people clicking. This can act as a mini ad and can show up in local search results.

4.) Set up text messages that send to your office.

  • Do you accept text messages at your office yet?

5.) Update your office hours.

  • Is your office closing early for a staff meeting? Are you closed for holidays? With a simple email from you, we’ll keep everything updated.

6.) Add photos

  • Update pictures of your staff, interior and exterior of your office and any other photo you believe will help broadcast your agency.

7.) We’ll keep you updated

  • Stay up to date with any new updates related to Google My Business changes.

8.) Answer questions from customers and respond to Google reviews.

  • As much as we would like to handle this for you, you would be responsible for responses to reviews. We can notify you, but ultimately, you will need to respond. To save time, we can alert you of the question or review and you can email us your response. We will login to your account with your response.

9.) Add videos

  • While you would be responsible for taking the videos, we can take care of adding them to your Google My Business page.

Fill out the contact form on the right to get started.