Insurance Agency Websites & ADA Compliance

We Share 2 Solutions To Help Your Agency Be More Compliant

ADA Compliant Insurance Agency websitesLet me start with this: There is no way any website can be 100% verified ADA compliant. However, taking steps to make your site more accessible is important. 

We’ve received many questions lately about ADA (American’s With Disability Act) compliant websites and unfortunately, there are lawsuits being threatened on insurance agencies who do not have ADA compliant websites. While this can be a stressful thing to think about, taking action now can help avoid this situation. It is also important to understand that even the largest companies will never achieve full 100% verifiable ADA compliance.

We are not ADA experts and do not pretend to have all the answers. However, I wanted to take a moment and answer some of the questions regarding some solutions to help you have a better performing ADA website.

Are Tosten Marketing’s websites automatically designed to be ADA Compliant? 
No, our site(s) are not designed with ADA compliance in mind. Your site was designed for SEO, speed and mobile friendliness first. We have not taken steps at this time to make your site ADA compliant unless directed to by you with one of the two options we use below.

Do you offer solutions for ADA compliance? 
YES! While nobody could guarantee full ADA compliance we do have ways to make your site more ADA accessible and show that you’ve taken steps to address ADA compliance on your site.

Option 1: AccessiBe (WCAG 2.1 & ADA Compliance) $490/year ~$40/mos.

Meets ADA compliance in 48 hours. 24/7 automated compliance. Used by large companies such as State Farm, Seiko, Avon, Hilton, BMW and Tosten Marketing (see live demo running on our website). AccessiBe applies machine-learning to scan, analyze and modify your site’s code and behavior so it complies with legislation. Play around with this on our website.

Follow these directions to sign up for AccessiBe

  1. Sign up using this link. This will allow us to login and install your code for you

Option 2 (Free): UserWay

UserWay offers a simple way to improve web accessibility of your website by installing a widget that can instantly strengthen any weak spots that might cause issues, barriers or accessibility violations.

Follow these directions if  you’d like to use the UserWay widget:

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click the Get Widget button
  3. Go through the steps to get the button. On Step 6, please select the left bottom button location.
  4. Step 8, be sure to say NO your site does not have an accessibility statement.
  5. Step 9 is optional, but I’d say no, you do not want it custom branded.
  6. Copy and paste the code into an email to: It will look like:
  7. Copy and paste your Accessibility Statement (HTML version, please) into an email to us as well.

Option 3: WordPress Plugin:

Directions:  Just ask us to add the plugin to your site!

While we hope that none of our clients are threatened by a frivolous ADA lawsuit, the best deterrent is sometimes compliance. While we are not ADA experts, please let us know if you have any questions about these products.